Message from the Director


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There is no day but today to join together to create a society that can provide the best science, environments, services and policies to protect the health of all people.

Our team at the Health Equity Institute (HEI) is dedicated to the study of health and health disparities through interdisciplinary research that includes basic, clinical, behavioral and social sciences; and critical contributions from humanities and the arts – all represented at SF State. We are actively engaged in training and educational activities that lead to a skilled and diverse workforce in the health professions. We partner with communities and organizations to address the local priorities in research, evaluation, practice and policies.

Our emphasis on equity and social justice signifies our intent to contribute scientific and programmatic advances that have been grounded within the social contexts of our lives, and that these advances are made relevant first and foremost to our communities.

We focus on increasing the participation and influence of health disparity populations in research from a value of parity, inclusion and representation. And we assert that scientific excellence is achieved through an honest and respectful exchange of knowledge, and through seeking alternative methodologies that do not perpetuate mistrust and dismissal of our scientific outcomes. We believe that the impact of our science depends on our ability to bring value to health and science literacy and enable public discourse through innovative communication and translation strategies.

We welcome you to partner with us, dialogue with us, and make use of our resources.  Expanding Virgil’s position – “there is no greater wealth than health” – there is no greater wealth than the health of our collective societies.


Help us make this true for all people.


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Cynthia A. Gómez

HEI Founding Director