Faculty and Staff

HEI faculty and staff are a diverse group representing a wide array of disciplines, perspectives and backgrounds. We are united in our commitment to research, practice and policy that foster health equity:

HEI Core Team 


Jesus Ramirez-Valles, PhD MPH


Email: jrv@sfsu.edu

Allen LeBlanc


Allen LeBlanc, PhD

Professor of Sociology

Email: aleblanc@sfsu.edu


Jason Chang


Jason Chang, MS  

Statistical Analyst

Email: ykjason@sfsu.edu


Charmayne Hughes, PhD


Charmayne Hughes, PhD

Associate Professor of Kinesiology

Email: cmhughes@sfsu.edu


Laura Mamo


Laura Mamo, PhD

Associate Director/Professor of Health Education

Email: lmamo@sfsu.edu


Sepideh Modrek  


 Sepideh Modrek, PhD

Assistant Professor of Economics

Email: smodrek@sfsu.edu 




Mirna Vasquez


Mirna Vasquez, MA

Administrative Coordinator

Email: hei@sfsu.edu


Jessica Wolin


Jessica Wolin, MPH, MCRP

Associate Director of Community Practice 

Email: jwolin@sfsu.edu




Affiliate Faculty


Alison Cerezo


Alison Cerezo
Assistant Professor of Counseling



Anoshua Chaudhuri


Anoshua Chaudhuri
Professor of Economics, College of Business
website: http://online.sfsu.edu/anoshua/


Steve Choe


Steve Choe
Associate Professor of Cinema
website: http://cinema.sfsu.edu/people/faculty/steven-choe


Carmen Domingo


Carmen Domingo
Professor of Biology
website: http://biology.sfsu.edu/people/carmen-domingo


Courtney Donovan


Courtney Donovan
Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Science
website: http://geog.sfsu.edu/person/courtney


Jessica Fields


Jessica Fields
Professor of Sociology and Sexuality Studies
website: http://sociology.sfsu.edu/people/faculty/jessica-fields


Melissa Hagan


Melissa Hagan
Assistant Professor of Psychology
website: http://www.sfsustarlab.com/


Colleen Hoff


Colleen Hoff
Professor of Sexuality Studies
Director of the Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality
website: http://cregs.sfsu.edu/about-us/whoweare/colleen-hoff/


Martha Kenney


Martha Kenney
Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies
website: http://wgsdept.sfsu.edu/people/25283/martha-kenney



Wen-Wen Li
Associate Professor of Nursing
website: http://www.nursing.sfsu.edu/people/faculty/wen-wen-li


Leticia Magaña-Marquez


Leticia Magaña-Marquez
Professor of Biology
SF BUILD Lead Principal Investigator and Core Leader
website: http://sfbuild.sfsu.edu/content/leticia-márquez-magaña


Rita Melendez


Rita Melendez
Associate Professor of Sexuality Studies
website: http://sxs.sfsu.edu/people/faculty/rita-melendez


Raquel Pinderhughes


Raquel Pinderhughes
Professor of Urban Studies and Planning
website: http://online.sfsu.edu/raquelrp/


James Quesada


James Quesada
Professor of Anthropology
website: http://anthropology.sfsu.edu/people/faculty/james-quesada


David Rebanal


David Rebanal
Assistant Professor of Health Education


Rori Rohlfs


Rori Rohlfs
Assistant Professor of Biology
website: http://rohlfslab.weebly.com/


Emma Sanchez


Emma Sanchez-Vaznaugh
Associate Professor of Health Education
website: http://healthed.sfsu.edu/people/faculty/emma-sanchez-suet


Grace Yoo


Grace Yoo
Professor of Asian American Studies
website: http://aas.sfsu.edu/yoo-grace


Susan Zieff


Susan Zieff
Professor of Kinesiology
website: http://kin.sfsu.edu/people/faculty/susan-zieff





Ugo Edu


Ugo Edu, PhD
Science, Justice and Health Equity Post-Doctoral Fellow



Health Equity Student Scholars 

 Student Scholars Spring 2019 coming soon



Affiliated Project Staff

To see affiliated project staff, please visit the specific project page


Katherine Kim, PhD, MPH, MBA

HEI Professor in Residence

Sonja Mackenzie, DrPH, MSc

Adjunct Assistant Professor