Angelica Martinez

Angelica Martinez staff photoAngelica Martinez currently serves as the Associate Director of Administration for the Health Equity Institute at San Francisco State University. Martinez has  more than 10 years of relevant administration and research coordination experience, and is responsible for the overall budgetary, financial, and administrative processes of the Health Equity Institute. Previously she served as the Project Director for Gender-Economic Model (GEM) of HIV Risk in African-American and Latina Women at San Francisco State University and has also worked as Field Coordinator for the Intergenerational HIV Prevention Initiative for Latina Women (also known as "De Madre a Hija: Protegiendo Nuestra Salud" or "Mija") at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS), University of California at San Francisco. Angelica has extensive experience working on numerous research studies in the field and has served as a Recruiter, Focus Group Facilitator and Interviewer.

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