Big Data and Health Faculty

Sepideh Modrek, PhD

Assistant Professor of Economics 

Dr. Modrek earned a Ph.D. in Health Policy from University of California, Berkeley and conducted postdoctoral research at Stanford University.  Her work focuses on social determinants of health is grounded in life course theory and empirical methods that exploit existing administrative data to examine a broad array of health outcomes. Currently her work focuses on (1) understanding how employment security affects workers health and the well-being of their family members; (2) understanding how political unrest and uncertainty in institutions affect human capital accumulation, particularly for youth in the Middle East; and (3) understanding the role of changes in population based policies, as opposed to individual ones, in shaping health behaviors. 



Rori Rohlfs, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Rohlfs earned a Ph.D. in Genome Sciences from University of Washington and conducted postdoctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley. Her work focuses on how changes in gene expression underlie the evolution of divergent species and traits. Currently, she’s applying mathematical model developed in-house to (1) quantify the role of alternative splicing in human adaptation, (2) identify the role of expression plasticity to the environment in adaptation, and (3) determine if changes in the lipid makeup of various neural tissues contribute to the evolution of primate brain structures.