Dr. Cynthia A. Gómez, HEI Director, delivered Keynote address at the National Sexual Health Conference

Dr. Gomez at the conference

This past year, Dr. Cynthia A. Gómez, HEI Director, was invited to present the Keynote speech at this year's National Sexual Health Conference on July 13th, 2015. In her talk, she spoke about the relationship between sexual health and health equity.

Dr. Gómez emphasized the importance of changing structures in order to change lives, and informed the audience that, “sexual health is more than body parts. It's our mind, our bodies, and our soul.”

Conference attendees were inspired by her talk and shared their thoughts on Twitter, using the hashtag #2015NSHC. Attendees came together to share information, efforts, and best practices to move sexual health forward in the United States. The conference took place July 13-14th, 2015, in Keystone, Colorado. It was targeted towards individuals across the range of sexual health, including individuals in organizations involved in clinical care, education, reproductive health, HIV, STDs, LGBT healthcare, advocacy, policy development, hepatitis, and sexuality from birth to death.

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