Emerging Scholars in Health Equity discussed their research at HEI Speaker Series

Emerging scholars Mercedes M. Morales-Alemán, Alexander Lu and Ugo Edu

On Wednesday, February 17, three rising health equity scholars introduced their research on women’s reproductive rights in Brazil; community commemoration and trauma; and sexual health promotion efforts at the first presentation of the 2016 HEI Spring Speaker Series.

HEI Visiting Scholar Mercedes M. Morales-Alemán, PhD, discussed her work, Plans for the Development of a Sexual Health Promotion Intervention among Adolescent Latinas in the US South.

HEI Minority Stress and Mental Health Post-Doctoral Fellow Alexander Lu, PhD, shared his research, Victimhood, Shared Loss, and Commemoration: Emotionally Transforming Murders into Community Traumas.

HEI  Science, Justice, and Health Equity Post-Doctoral Fellow Ugo Edu, PhD, presented her research, Black Reproduction in an Economy of Desire, Aesthetics, Sexuality and Race.

After each speaker presentation there was a brief Q & A session.

The HEI Spring Speaker Series is a monthly event that showcases leading researchers in the field of health equity.