HEI Associate Director Laura Mamo presented at UC Berkeley surrogacy, queer kinship and reproductive justice symposium

Laura was a speaker at the “Making Families: Transnational Surrogacy, Queer Kinship & Reproductive Justice” symposium sponsored by The Department of Gender & Women’s Studies and The Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society at UC Berkeley on February 19.

The symposium brought together renowned scholars in the study of transnational surrogacy, queer kinship and reproductive justice to discuss the social impact of the expanding yet unregulated field of reproductive biomedicine. See the write up on the CGG website for a great description of this event. 

Laura presented “Queering Reproduction in Transnational Bioeconomies” which partially drew upon her 2007 book “Queering Reproduction: Achieving Pregnancy in the Age of Technoscience,” and updated with recent research with HEI researcher and current PhD student at UC Davis Eli Alston-Stepnitz. Mamo examined what role queer bodies play in the stratification of the structures of bioeconomies of human reproduction.