Our infographics* have been developed to help others better understand the framework and goal of Health Equity, including what factors must be addressed and eliminated in order to achieve Health Equity.  If you are interested in having them available on your website, please contact us.

Health Equity Framework

What are Health Inequities?

  • Health inequities are differences in health that are avoidable, unfair, and unjust. Check out this infographic to learn what affects health inequities.

What are Health Disparities?

  • Health disparities are differences in health outcomes among groups of people. Check out this infographic to learn what affects health disparities.

What affects Health Equity?

  • This infographic explains the different factors that affect achieving health equity and how we can work to achieve health equity.

Health Equity and Neighborhoods

  • A brief infographic to explain how where you live has a direct effect on your health. 

The Path to Achieving Health Equity

  • Check out this infographic to learn about the social and economic factors that affect health.


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