Livi Faro

Livi Faro HeadshotLivi Faro is a visiting Pre-Doctoral Scholar at HEI.  She is a Brazilian researcher currently conducting her Ph.D. in Sexuality, Biomedicalization, and Gender Studies in the Human Sciences and Health Department at the Institute of Social Medicine/Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ).

For more than a decade, Faro has been working as a researcher at the Latin American Center on Sexuality and Human Rights (CLAM), an institution located at UERJ. CLAM produces and disseminates knowledge about sexuality from a human rights perspective to contribute to the struggle against gender inequalities and the discrimination of sexual minorities. At CLAM, Livi has worked as a teacher in a postgraduate course on sexuality and gender and as an assistant researcher on various projects, including investigations on abortion and medical diagnoses related to gender and sexuality, such as sexual dysfunctions, andropause, and menopause.

As a visiting scholar at HEI/SFSU, Faro is analyzing her current research: a qualitative study aimed at investigating the use of testosterone as a booster of female sexuality, which was done in Brazil. The focus of the research is the interface between testosterone and the biomedicalization of sexuality, inspired by medical anthropology/sociology as well as feminist studies of science. She is working with Dr. Laura Mamo while at HEI.