Science, Justice and Health Equity

Science, Justice, and Health Equity facilitates conversations, research activities, and student trainings designed to address contemporary health equity issues that entangle questions of science and knowledge with those of health and social justice. We are a collaborative, interdisciplinary project that documents, analyzes, and contributes to broader understandings of the social shape of sciences and technologies and health inequity and equity.

Areas of research and activities include reproductive health, rights, and justice; sexual health and cancer prevention; intersections of gender/race/sexuality/disability and biomedicine/biomedical research; social and bioethical issues of clinical medicine and technology innovations; “big data” including issues of data mining, crowdsourcing, data governance, and personal health, genomic, and other forms of biodata; increasing diversity in STEM; and equitable tech/health design and use.

We welcome engagements with sciences, humanities, social sciences, and other perspectives. Our goal is to collaborate with scholars across a variety of fields including sociology, anthropology, science and technology studies, bioethics, public health, sexuality studies, ethnic studies, women and gender studies, biology and the life sciences, engineering, and other relevant fields.

Science, Justice and Health Equity launched at SF State in 201o when Mamo joined the Health Equity Institute faculty. In 2011, with funding from the Science & Society Program of the National Science Foundation we sponsored a two-day workshop co-led by Professor Jennifer Fishman (McGill University) titled: “ Science, Ethics and Justice” Reconsiderations and New Direction.  A special issue of Science, Technology & Human Values (Vol. 28, Issue 2) based on the conference proceedings followed in 2013.  In 2015, we were pleased to hire a postdoctoral fellow, Ugo Edu, to refine and launch our efforts.

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The Science, Technology and Society (STS) Hub at SF State 

o   Monthly conversations among SF State scholars engaging with medicine, technologies, sciences, health, and social justice to build, think, and collaborate on events, projects, and programs.

o   Hub meets first Tuesday of the month, 3:30-5pm, HSS 361 (schedule subject to change so please check here at the start of the semester)

o   For further information, please contact



Laura Mamo, Health Equity Institute Professor of Health Education, Associate Director HEI, and Project Lead of Science, Justice and Health Equity.

Martha Kenney, Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies, Affiliate faculty HEI,



Vaccine Governance and the Global Politics of Cancer Prevention

The Life of Data: A Data Justice Conversations with the Science & Justice Center, UCSC

Precision Public Health as Science Justice?

Science Feminist Anti-Race Equity (FARE) Collective (for more information:



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