Science, Technology and Society (STS) Hub


The STS Hub is an interdisciplinary network of scholars with the explicit mission of:

·       Creating a space on San Francisco State University’s campus for important conversations about technology, sciences, social justice, and ethics

·       Serving as a resource for finding out about related events happening both on the campus and the larger Bay Area

·       Building relationships to facilitate collaborative research and projects that advance our understandings of the interactions of the sciences, technology, and innovation in the service of health and social justice

·       Train future health professionals, engineers, doctors, and scientists to critically engage issues of science and society.

Members of the STS Hub are concerned with and involved in the development and study of sciences, health, and technology as they are involved, influenced by, and inform politics, society, economics, globality, culture, and social values. The Hub is in line with the University’s commitment to social justice and the current SF BUILD Initiative, a NIH funded collaborative with UCSF to increase racial/ethnic and sexual and gender minorities in STEM fields.

STS Hub meets on the first Tuesday of the month, 3:30-5pm in HSS 361.

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For more information about Science and Technology Studies (STS) see the Society for the Social Studies of Science: