We are delighted to welcome Sepideh Modrek, PhD to HEI as Assistant Professor of Economics this Fall

Professor Sepideh Modrek Professor Sepideh Modrek joins SF State from Stanford University where she is instructor of medicine in the department of General Medical Disciplines at Stanford School of Medicine, and also serves as an affiliate at the Stanford Center for Population Research. She earned her master's degree in Development Economics and her PhD in Health Services and Policy Analysis from the University of California, Berkeley.
Dr. Modrek will join Rori Rholfs, Assistant Professor of Biology to complete the Big Data and Health faculty cluster launched by Provost Sue Rosser. The Big Data and Health faculty cluster aims to engage in critical scholarship on how biological, epidemiological, and other "big data" sets are transforming health and poised to improve or worsen health disparities. HEI, the Department of Economics and the College of Business as well as the Department of Biology and the College of Science and Engineering have partnered to bring the initiative to campus.