Documentary for Health & Social Justice

In collaboration with the Cinema department, HEI has produced more than 50 short documentariesThese films are student-produced and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Health Equity Institute. Students learn how to blend the art of storytelling with social justice issues. Non-cinema students are strongly encouraged to apply. Faculty use our films to generate discussion and civic engagement. Community organizations partner with us to create films for a more just, healthy and equitable society.

How We Work

Students looking at camera

Graduate and undergraduate students from disciplines across campus including Cinema, Health Education, Geography, Gerontology, Ethic Studies, Human Sexuality, Journalism and more, team up and work in partnership with community organizations to research, produce, and distribute documentaries that educate and advocate for change.

Our goal is to create documentaries that communities can use to:

1. Raise awareness around health and social justice issues

2. Increase visibility of marginalized populations

3. Advance dialogue toward solutions

4. Highlight initiatives that are making a difference

5. Mobilize people to action 

Past Partnerships 

AIDS United partnered with HEI over the couse of two semesters. Together we created five documentaries exploring the impact of HIV on women. View films under the Spring 2008 collection

BAY AREA LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation) partnered with HEI over the course of one semester. Together we created four documentaries that explore the impact of neighborhood conditions on health. View films under the Fall 2009 collection.  

HEI partnered with the ELAYO project funded by the Ford Foundation in Spring 2012. Together we created four documentaries that explored Latino youth and sexual health rights and policy issues. View films under the Spring 2012 collection.