New Releases!

The Spring 2016 cohort made up of interdisciplinary student teams created the following films*:

Spring 2016

Aprendiendo Y Luchando explores how an Oakland High School has adopted a trauma-informed approach to healing and education. Watch the film.

A Mother’s Song shows how low-income single moms are breaking the cycle of poverty to reach their goals and highlights the support structures that are making this possible.  

Truth Speaks introduces an after school program where young students rap about changing the world around them. 

United Disciplines (working title) follows the journey of a small group of college students as they dive into a multidisciplinary education experience.


Spring 2015

Being Seen illuminates the unique situation of invisibility amongst urban American Indians and the potential mental health issues that can arise because of it. 

Fighting for Home explores the journey of San Francisco residents who are dealing with eviction and the hardships that comes along with it. 

In Between Homes explores the reality for families struggling with homelessness in San Francisco. 

Medical Desert highlights the closure of San Pablo Doctors Medical Center and its impact on the medically underserved community of West Contra Costa County.


*These films are student-produced and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Health Equity Institute.