NeuroTech Lab: Projects

Current Projects

The methods used in the Health Equity Institute NeuroTech Lab are inherently interdisciplinary, and as such members of the research lab have backgrounds in the disciplines of motor control, biomechanics, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and engineering. Moreover, research members of the NeuroTech Lab are involved in collaborative work with other faculties, institutes, and departments at SF State, and with researchers and engineers located across the country and around the world. This interdisciplinary cooperation enables us to examine issues from multiple perspectives and allows for a richer understanding of human behavior.


NeuroTech Lab scenes


Here is a selection of the projects we are currently working on

  • Project Iceberg: Understanding the relationship between intimate partner violence and traumatic brain injury
  • wristBOT: Using haptic robotics for the rehabilitation of upper extremity impairments, and to examine the development of proprioceptive acuity across the lifespan
  • Project MYO: Developing a low-cost portable tool for the assessment of motor dysfunction after neurological insult (e.g., stroke, cerebral palsy)
  • outREACH: Developing a mobile application for community-based stroke telerehabilitation in sub-Saharan Africa
  • LifeSpan: Examining the connections between cognitive and motor functions and across the lifespan