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Health Equity Institute Student Interns













We provide support to faculty and students across the SF State Campus to explore health equity research and generate new approaches to understanding and addressing health equity issues. 

  • Mentor and provide resources to faculty to foster innovative health equity research.  
  • Provide peer review for faculty preparing health equity research proposals.
  • Support Affinity Groups that support the development of collaborative research among small groups of faculty from across the university. 
  • Sponsor writing retreats to give faculty the opportunity to work on health equity writing projects. 
  • Teach graduate and undergraduate level courses on health equity related topics. 
  • Provide opportunities for students to work on health equity research and projects.

Health Equity Scholar Internship:

The health equity scholar internship is a research internship designed to provide MA level graduate students with hands-on training in health equity research. Health Equity research interns will work with an HEI Faculty member during the Spring semester. HEI research interns will assist faculty members and contribute to the overall success of the research study. Students might, for example, transcribe interviews, collect or analyze data, conduct library searches, recruit study participants, review manuscript pages, or prepare annotated bibliographies.


If you are interested, please email: