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Project MYO: Evaluation of a Technological Device for Upper-Limb Motor Assessment


The Issue

stroke chartEvery year there are over 17 million first-time stroke incidences worldwide. Of the people who have survived a stroke incidence, approximately 65% will suffer frompermanent sensorimotor deficits. 
Sensorimotor deficits have a negative impact on the ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL, e.g., reaching and grasping, object manipulation) whichaffects an individual’s level of independence and quality of life.
Myo Armband (accelerometer)
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The Study

Project Myo will determine the reliability and validity of two accelerometers to capture activities of daily living (ADL) kinematics compared to a commercial motion capture system.
If the results of this study indicate the accelerometers are a reliable and valid technology, it could:
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  • Help determine the most appropriate treatment options
  • Be placed in neighborhoods of underrepresented communities
  • Lead to overall improvements in rehabilitation treatment
  • Reduce long-term healthcare costs








Aguirre, A. (2016). Evaluating Upper-Extremity (Dys)function Using Inertial Measurement Unit Technology and its Applications to Resource-Constrained SettingsIn 2016 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), pp. 576-583.


Project Team

Principal Investigator
Charmayne Mary Lee Hughes, Ph.D.
Project Lead
Alisa Aguirre
Laboratory Supervisor