Project WAMERU (Women and Men Expanding Relationship Understandings)

Project WAMERU is a study of relationships among behaviorally bisexual African American men and their female partners, and the economic and cultural factors influencing these relationships and HIV risk.

We have conducted formative interviews with women and men, and are developing a scale to help identify factors influencing HIV risk and develop strategies for behaviorally bisexual African American men and women at risk for HIV. 

Latest News: 

  • The team is preparing to go into the field, and will start recruiting men and women for interviews in the East Bay and San Francisco soon. Contact us if you are interested in participating! You can call us at 1-510-338-8342 or email us for more information.

The Team

Lead Faculty: Dr. Sonja Mackenzie, Principal Investigator, Santa Clara University

Project Coordinator: Tazima Jenkins Barnes 


The National Institute of Mental Health, K01 Award

Dates: 2012-2017