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Mission Statement

The mission of the Health Equity Institute (HEI) is to create an intellectual environment that encourages diversity of perspectives, challenges conventional approaches, and produces innovative action-oriented research in the biomedical, social, and behavioral sciences in order to improve health, eliminate health disparities, and establish equity in health. Learn more

Faculty Cluster Hires

San Francisco State University is pleased to announce two faculty cluster hires to support key cross-discipline intellectual initiatives. Faculty members will provide scholarly leadership, including research, community engagement, and teaching through two clusters focused on 1) Big Data and Health and 2) Violence, Trauma, and Health. Learn more about the available positions under each cluster by visiting our faculty opportunities page.

Motion Graphic: What is Health Equity?

This three-minute video explains how social, economic, and environmental conditions can create health inequities and how these inequities can affect health disparities. Check it out and share with others!


Be sure to also check out our infographics, which have been developed as resources to help others better understand the framework and goal of Health Equity, including what factors must be addressed and eliminated in order to achieve Health Equity.