Health Equity Institute Projects

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Research Areas & Projects


Gender Equity

  • Intimate Partner Violence and #MeToo (Modrek & Hughes)
  • Women's Health in the Middle East (Modrek)

Health, income, and wealth

  • Health in the Great Recession (Modrek)

Gender and Sexual Minority and LGBTQ health

  • Project AFFIRM (LeBlanc, NIH)
  • Beyond Bullying (Mamo, past funding RWJF)
  • Precision Cancer Prevention and Health Equity (Mamo, NSF)

Housing and Health Equity

  • Displacement and Health (Mamo, Applied Housing Research Institute)
  • Emergency Housing and Health Equity (Mamo, Applied Housing Research Institute)

Equitable Tech in Robotic Technology, Stroke Assessments and IPV diagnosis

see the NueroTech Lab (Hughes)

Student-Focused Training 

NeuroTech Lab (Hughes)

HEI Student Scholars Program (HEI Faculty-led)