Health Equity Institute Projects

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Research Areas & Projects

Our faculty conduct research and programs that seek to understand health disparities and the production of health inequity through a range of lenses from structural to sociological and interpersonal. The research seeks to ensure justice, equity, and outcomes that can be part of the solutions to strive for equity. 

Research Areas:

Gender Equity

  • Intimate Partner Violence and #MeToo (Modrek & Hughes)
  • Women's Health in the Middle East (Modrek)

Health, income, and wealth Equity

  • Health in the Great Recession (Modrek)

Gender and Sexual Minority (GSM); LGBTQ+; and Queer Health Equity

  • Project AFFIRM (LeBlanc, NIH)
  • Beyond Bullying (Mamo, past funding RWJF)
  • Precision Cancer Prevention and Health Equity (Mamo, NSF)

Housing and Health Equity

  • Displacement and Health (Mamo, Applied Housing Research Institute)
  • Emergency Housing and Health Equity (Mamo, Applied Housing Research Institute)

Equitable Tech in Robotic Technology, Stroke Assessments and IPV diagnosis

NeuroTech Lab (Hughes)

Science, Technology, and Society Faculty Network, the STS Hub