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Faculty use our films to generate discussion and civic engagement. Community organizations partner with us to create films for a more just, healthy and equitable society.


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Films by Alphabetical Order (A - L)

The Art of Presence
A 15 minute documentary about The Nagara Dhamma Temple in San Francisco where Cambodian refugees and their children cultivate community, culture and healing through Buddhism (Fall 2010/Spring 2011)
Explores the different ways in which the current public education system doesn't serve the majority of students that attend it, and alternative pedagogical methods for evaluating student, teacher, and school performance (Spring 2013)
Cannabis: Therapeutic Potential
Learn about the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant (Fall 2008)
Explores the effect parent-child relationships have on the sexual health and wellbeing of children and youth (Fall 2011/Spring 2012)
Reveals the struggles and triumphs of undocumented immigrants college students trying to get a higher education in the United States (Fall 2012)
Educated Minds
Explores how public schools try secular mindfulness practice as a learning aid with students (Fall 2010/Spring 2011)
Empowering the Yard
Incarcerated women in Oklahoma City are using peer education to empower themselves and their communities (Spring 2008)
Looks at drag queens as emblems of queer visibility, and drag culture as an inherently progressive force (Fall 2014)
Excelsior Rising
A community working to create a safer neighborhood (Fall 2009)
A Family Matter
Advocating for same-sex marriage equality (Spring 2006)
Fighting for Home
Explores the journey of San Francisco residents who are dealing with eviction and the hardships that comes along with it (Spring 2015)
Gender Silent
Lifts up and celebrates the lives of transgender men and women (Spring 2013)
The Hands that Feed You
A fifteen-minute documentary about California farm workers and the health issues they face as a result of pesticide exposure (Fall 2013)
In Between Homes
Explores the reality for families struggling with homelessness in San Francisco (Spring 2015)
It's My Body, My Baby, My Birth
Why women are choosing natural childbirth (Spring 2007)
Laughter Rx: No Harmful Side Effects
Why is laughter the best medicine? (Fall 2008)
Let's Talk About Sex
A short documentary featuring the voices of students from both Castlemont High School and Fremont High School in East Oakland (Fall 2011/Spring 2012)
Living Positive
Women in New Orleans share the challenges and triumphs of living with HIV (Spring 2008)
The Long Way Home
Follows Joey and Eli, the leaders of a fatherhood group, who have gone through the process of reunification with their children, in spite of institutional barriers and personal obstacles (Fall 2013)
Lunch is the Lesson
Explore public schools as a venue to improve nutrition (Spring 2009)

Films by Alphabetical Order (M - R)

Make Moves
See how Oakland youth are transforming hard life experiences into vibrant art to live their dreams and lift up their generation (Spring 2010)
Medical Desert
Highlights the closure of San Pablo Doctors Medical Center and its impact on the medically underserved community of West Contra Costa County (Spring 2015)
A Mother's Song
Shows how low-income single moms are breaking the cycle of poverty to reach their goals and highlights the support structures that are making this possible (Spring 2016)
M'Ba: Keep Mothers Alive
An experimental documentary that honors motherhood (Spring 2009)
The Net
Shines a light on the personal loss, sacrifice, and perseverance of those whose loved ones were taken from them through suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge and how they have created a network of support to help each other recover the joy of living (Spring 2013)
Old Age is No Place for Sissies
Investigate senior care for the LGBT community (Spring 2009)
One Sister at a Time: Positive Women's Stories
Explore the lives of three very different HIV positive women (Fall 2008)
Open and Affirming
Explores how LGBTQ people are finding spiritual home and community through Christianity (Fall 2013)
Pasa La Voz
A unique peer-education program set in the trans-border community of El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico (Spring 2008)
Ping Yuen: Peace Garden
Residents advocating for quality public housing (Fall 2009)
The Price of Oil
A fifteen minute documentary about the city of Richmond, CA who with an oil refinery in their backyard, are taking a leadership role in order to advance environmental justice in their community (Fall 2012)
Pulling Back the Veil
Follows two scientists working to increase the number of girls and women of color in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field (Spring 2014)
Race to the Bottom
Truck drivers advocate for living wages and healthier work conditions (Fall 2008)
Resilience Undocumented
Explores the effects of globalization, poverty, and legal status on the well-being of the men who stand on San Francisco's street corners, the Jornaleros (Fall 2014)
Redefining RIP
Young men of color reinvigorate their neighborhood (Fall 2009)
Refuge in Sangha
Is a short documentary that explores how meditation can be used to foster community and healing among a diverse group of people in Oakland, California (Fall 2010/Spring 2011)
Release: Self-Care for Trauma Workers
Tells the stories of how trauma workers maintain and find balance and healing in their own lives (Fall 2012)

Films by Alphabetical Order (S - Z)

A global movement is coming together to challenge the fossil fuel industry in a fight for the planet and our future on it (Spring 2013)
School Health Centers
Bringing doctors to where the kids are (Spring 2006)
(Sex)abled: Disability Uncensored
Celebrate people with disabilities as sexual beings (Spring 2009)
Sex As We Know It
Is a short documentary film that examines the lives of six teenagers ages 13-18 participating in a peer-to-peer sex education program (Fall 2011/Spring 2012)
Sex Workers: Your Voice Counts
Learn the stories of four women in San Francisco who are redefining and reclaiming sex work with dignity, awareness and education (Spring 2010)
Step Up Step Down
Explores the struggles and hopes of youth living in San Francisco public housing as they take leadership toward improving their housing environments (Spring 2014)
The Talk
Parents learn to become their children's sexual health educator (Spring 2008)
Truth Speaks
Introduces an after school program where young students rap about changing the world around them (Spring 2016)
United by Language
Journey into Deaf Culture through an intimate portrait of a couple balancing the advancement in medical technology while honoring and celebrating Deafhood (Spring 2010)
Van Hoa VSA: The Search for Culture in America
Vietnamese American students bridging both cultures (Spring 2007)
The Verde Garden: Growing a Health Community
How a school community garden is growing healthy foods and kids (Spring 2007)
A View of the Bay
Residents respond to plans to revitalize their neighborhood (Spring 2006)
Yo Soy Lo Que Soy.
Gay Latino immigrants building a supportive community (Spring 2007)
The Young and the Techless
Explores how meaningful access to technology offers low-income youth the potential to achieve greater career opportunities and upward mobility, emphasizing an urgent need to bridge the digital divide (Fall 2014)