Our Team

The Health Equity Institute is co-led by a dedicated group of Health Equity Faculty who share their time with home departments across our campus departments. We are four core faculty - from sociology, public health, economics, and kinesiology, who co-lead the health equity institute's programs, education, and research.

We are joined each year by a Faculty scholar who is supported with time, space, and community as they develop their research as SF State health equity scholars.  These scholars become affiliate faculty given their immense contribution to health equity scholarship and community-building.

We are also joined by an advisory board comprising SF State faculty from across campus, student health equity scholars, and many campus colleagues who join and support our efforts.

Please contact us to get involved at hei@sfsu.edu.

HEI Faculty

Charmayne Mary Lee Hughes, Ph.D.

Charmayne Mary Lee Hughes, Professor of Kinesiology

Allen LeBlanc, Ph.D.

Allen LeBlanc, Professor of Sociology


Laura Mamo, Professor of Public Health

Sepideh Modrek, Ph.D.

Sepideh Modrek, Associate Professor of Economics

HEI Faculty Scholars

Chris Hanssmann, Ph.D., MPH

Chris Hanssmann, Ph.D., MPH (now at UC Davis)

Supriya Misra

Supriya Misra, Sc.D.

HEI Affiliate Faculty

Emma Sanchez-Vaznaugh

Dr. Emma Sanchez-Vaznaugh

David Rebanal

Dr. David Rebanal 

Advisory Board

David I. Anderson, Health and Social Sciences 

Carmen R. Domingo, Sciences and Engineering 

Anoshua Chaudhuri, Business  

Colleen C. Hoff, Health and Social Sciences 

Nhung M. Le, Ethnic Studies 

Leticia Marquez-Magana, Sciences and Engineering   

Rebecca M. Mendez, Nursing 

Johnny Symons, Liberal and Creative Arts